Potato Plans

I just noticed a few potatoes on the counter that had started to sprout and turn green. Ordinarily, this is the point at which you discard them, because they are no longer edible. In this case, however, they reminded me to share my plans for growing potatoes later this year, once it’s warm enough.

I have seen a model for growing potatoes in old car tires that I find very appealing. A lot of people have started doing this, but here is a link on someone who took great photos of the process.

In essence, one plants potatoes in an old car tire filled with compost. As the potatoes grow, another tire is placed on top of the first one, and the potato plants are covered with soil. This causes the stem to grow roots and form more potatoes. Since you build upward, one plant can produce more potatoes and you save space in the garden. Like a raised bed or container garden, it allows you to grow plants on poor soil or even on a driveway.


In the fall, I collected old tires from craigslist, and when the weather warms up, I’ll plant potatoes in them. If a frost hits, it will kill any above-ground parts of the plant but it will regrow from the roots. I could plant potatoes from the grocery store like these, but I have been told that it is better to pay for seed potatoes that will have fewer disease issues. I have enough tires for three or four plants, so we’ll see how many potatoes we can harvest…

~The Homesteading Hippy


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