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Monsoon Season

The Sonoran Desert is one of the most lush deserts in the world, because of its unique pattern of rainfall. Not only do we get winter rains, which are slow and steady, but we also have a monsoon season in the summer, consisting of regular heavy thunderstorms. We had our second monsoon rain of the summer last night, so I decided to go on a nature hike this morning. Continue reading

Gila Monster

Hiking around the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains this morning, I experienced a real treat: my first wild Gila Monster. I was walking around, looking for bugs, when I heard scratching sounds coming from a bush to my right. I looked down, and saw a Gila Monster walking towards me. I stood still to let it pass, but it saw me and turned right around. Continue reading

Scorpions (and a Gecko)

There are 51 species of scorpions that can be found in Arizona, out of the 80 or so species in the United States. All scorpions can sting, and all have venom in their sting, but very few species are considered are medically significant, meaning that they have caused fatalities. Most scorpions hide under stones during the day, so me being me, I went out into the canyon and turned over stones to look for them. Continue reading

Desert in Bloom

Exciting news! I have just moved to Tucson, AZ! While I have been volunteering in the aquarium industry for a while now, I just got a real, full-time position at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. I drove from California to Tucson yesterday, so today was my first full day here. To celebrate, I went on a nature walk and decided to start the Homesteading Hippy back up with the pictures I took. Continue reading

Catching Lizards

I was trying to identify the lizard from my post a few days ago, and came across California’s laws regarding the catching of lizards. It falls under fishing regulations, and seemed fun, so I gave it a shot!  I drove out to a nearby park that allowed collecting, and learned how to operate a lizard noose. Check out this video to see me in action! Continue reading