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Desert in Bloom

Exciting news! I have just moved to Tucson, AZ! While I have been volunteering in the aquarium industry for a while now, I just got a real, full-time position at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. I drove from California to Tucson yesterday, so today was my first full day here. To celebrate, I went on a nature walk and decided to start the Homesteading Hippy back up with the pictures I took. Continue reading

Taking Stock

Now that the weather is warming up (it still snowed this morning) I’m thinking about starting seeds indoors for the season. Thanks to our good friend, Global Warming, this year’s average last frost is predicted to occur around May 8. As such, it’s time to start my early transplants. In preparation for this I took a look at my stock of seeds from last year, and made a plan for this year’s garden. Continue reading

At Last! I’ve found Spring!

I ended my last post with a quote. Now, I’d like to begin this post with another. This is from the Tao Te Ching, and brings together my thoughts of springtime and tranquility.

“Attain the ultimate emptiness
Hold on to the truest tranquility
The myriad things are all active
I therefore watch their return Continue reading

Nature’s Garden Accent

There is a spot in our garden that has needed something to spice it up. There are flowers and a few small shrubs, but otherwise it’s simply a dark mulched patch next to the house. This morning, Lake Champlain provided me with a new garden ornament, which inspired me from the moment I set eyes on it. Continue reading

Who’s in my barn?

For the last few weeks, Ace and I have been hearing odd noises from our barn during the day. Theories ranged from owls to engines in the distance, to the creaking of the old wood in the wind. Then, we noticed a hole that had been cut in the wall to allow for a light fixture. Every so often, we would see a bird flying in or out of this hole. Today, I went into the barn loft to investigate!

Continue reading

Spring is Almost Here!

I took another long walk today, photographing plants that caught my interest as I went along. I was hoping, once again, to find some sign that Spring is on it’s way, what with the equinox being three days away. I should have known better, since temperatures didn’t rise above freezing at all today and it snowed this morning, but I did get some nice pictures for you so I call it a success. Continue reading