About Me

Hello Everyone!

My name is David, and I’m The Homesteading Hippy.

I have a preoccupation with foods, both cultivated and wild. When possible, I try to keep a garden to grow some of my own vegetables. I also love to forage for wild foods, and enjoy fishing and hunting for food. Baking and preserving food are also interests of mine, so I’ll write quite a bit about these as well.

My dream is to someday have a small farm. Ideally, I would also have a regular job, and not take on more homesteading projects than I could deal with in my spare time. I feel that total self-sufficiency is neither feasible nor desirable, but I would like to produce enough to feed my family and possibly have enough to sell to break even on the costs.

I walk a lot, and try to spend a few hours outside whenever I can. If I see something interesting, I’ll take some pictures and they’ll end up on here as well. I especially enjoy photographing invertebrates up close, but I’ll take pictures of just about anything that catches my attention.

My collection of animals is extensive, including fish, lizards, snakes, and a ferret. I have worked as a keeper of reptiles and fish professionally as well.

The purpose of The Homesteading Hippy is twofold. Firstly, I want to share the information that I discover. Secondly, I want to learn form other people who have done the same things, or who have ideas for projects I can try. By all means, comment with any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, or musings that you may have.

Thank you all,

~The Homesteading Hippy

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. lorindamckinnon

    Good for you! Being self-sufficient is overwhelming, but every step you take to grow or make your own food moves you in the right direction! I’m not a fanatic, but it sure is satisfying to make meals from scratch. Glad you joined the blogging madness!

  2. brianna dawn

    Hi David! I just found your blog by searching for Tucson Homesteading. 🙂 I’m a native here, recently moved to a Cohousing community and have been trying to learn some ways to incorporate more Homesteading into our lives. Excited to have found your blog! ~Cheers!

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  4. Blue Aventurine

    It is challenging to take the time and slow down. Listening to nature, communicating with the plants, and being respectful to life around you will only make you a better human! I hope the kindness you have rubs off on those in your life. Always good to have more people to educate others about the joys of doing right.


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