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Sprouts, Mulch, et miscelanea

It took me a while to decide what to write about today. I didn’t have any particular projects I was working on, but I do have updates for you on my gardening. In particular, my seeds are starting to sprout! I also continued mulching my vegetable garden in preparation for planting later. Continue reading

I planted my first seeds of the year!

Today, the weather was a bit warmer (albeit with a chill breeze), so I decided to plant the first of my seeds to start indoors. Since last frost is estimated to be around May 8 this year, I figure I’ll start my seeds in several sets. The first set is the seeds that take a long time to start, and the seeds that can be planted out early. This includes brassicas, herbs, and tomatillos. The second set will be seeds that grow faster, including the squash family. Around last frost, or maybe a bit before it depending on the variety, I will plant any seeds that have to be direct-sown, such as carrots, beets, and a few others. Continue reading

Taking Stock

Now that the weather is warming up (it still snowed this morning) I’m thinking about starting seeds indoors for the season. Thanks to our good friend, Global Warming, this year’s average last frost is predicted to occur around May 8. As such, it’s time to start my early transplants. In preparation for this I took a look at my stock of seeds from last year, and made a plan for this year’s garden. Continue reading

Potato Plans

I just noticed a few potatoes on the counter that had started to sprout and turn green. Ordinarily, this is the point at which you discard them, because they are no longer edible. In this case, however, they reminded me to share my plans for growing potatoes later this year, once it’s warm enough. Continue reading