Who’s in my barn?

For the last few weeks, Ace and I have been hearing odd noises from our barn during the day. Theories ranged from owls to engines in the distance, to the creaking of the old wood in the wind. Then, we noticed a hole that had been cut in the wall to allow for a light fixture. Every so often, we would see a bird flying in or out of this hole. Today, I went into the barn loft to investigate!

The first thing I noticed was piles of droppings, especially by a gap in the wall.


This isn’t the hole that the birds were flying through, but maybe they used it as a window. Sun was coming in and warming the boards. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw a pair of birds on one of the beams higher up. They are rock doves, also known as squab (if they’re to be eaten), or pigeons if they foul up city streets. These birds are monogamous, and we have a pair roosting in our barn! I’m hoping that they might build a nest once the season warms up, and I’ll be able to follow the process.

2-Doves 2

In the meantime, i guess we’ll have to put up with the mess, or start cleaning up after them…

~The Homesteading Hippy

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