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Preserving foods by canning, pickling, etc.

Update: Maple Syrup and Bread

Today was a beautiful day! The sun was out, and the weather was warm. This morning, Ace and I had waffles with the first homemade maple syrup. I started boiling more sap in the morning, around nine a.m. and baked what is likely the nicest loaf of bread I’ve baked so far… Continue reading

First Time Ever: Making Maple Syrup!

Today has been an exciting day! I finally made my first maple syrup, after I realized I was running out of space to store sap. All of the trees are moving sap at an incredible rate, now that daytime temperatures are rising. The point is, I hadn’t realized how much sap we were going to get (I don’t think any of us did), so we didn’t have quite enough place to store the 3-4 gallons I’m getting a day. Continue reading

My Corned Beef Worked!!!

Two weeks ago, I started a batch of corned beef. As I mentioned, this was a continuation of experiments with fermented foods. I have created sauerkraut and pickled onions using this method, and I figured corned beef would be fun to try. I’ve been checking in on the meat every few days, looking for signs of spoilage (mold, funny smells, etc.) Yesterday, I decided it was time to try cooking and eating the product. Continue reading

Corned Beef Update (Day 3)

Hi everyone! I just checked in on my corned beef, which was due to be turned over today. It’s looking amazing! The first thing I notice when I opened the lid was that the liquid had turned from clear to beautiful deep brown. This is interesting, but probably just an effect of meat juices oxidizing.  I didn’t see any floating mold, which is promising. With veggies, mold like that can just be skimmed off, but I would be paranoid with meat. Does anyone have any experience with this? Continue reading