Cleaning with Dirt

Chickens are weird. It works for them, though. Here, the little goofs are cleaning themselves with dirt. After two wet days, the weather cleared and we got a nice spot of sunny weather, as is typical for Florida in May. I decided to let the chicks do some “practice ranging,” where I put up a temporary fence and let them experience grass. This allows me to learn to trust that they won’t all scatter and disappear when I finally free-range, and it allows me to teach the chicks to come when I call them.

They immediately found a dry sandy spot and began to dust-bathe, which I assume they haven’t done in a few days since their run is still soggy from all the rain. The dust helps them to remove mites and other parasites, as well as clearing excess oils off the feathers ahead of preening.

~The Homesteading Hippy

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