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Regrowing Celery, Saving Money!

I don’t know if I’m unusual about this, but I rarely use celery unless I’m making soup or stew. When I do, I need to buy a bag of celery, use two sticks, and promise myself to find a use for the rest. Then I forget, and have to compost the rest two weeks later… Continue reading

Sprouts, Mulch, et miscelanea

It took me a while to decide what to write about today. I didn’t have any particular projects I was working on, but I do have updates for you on my gardening. In particular, my seeds are starting to sprout! I also continued mulching my vegetable garden in preparation for planting later. Continue reading

Nature’s Garden Accent

There is a spot in our garden that has needed something to spice it up. There are flowers and a few small shrubs, but otherwise it’s simply a dark mulched patch next to the house. This morning, Lake Champlain provided me with a new garden ornament, which inspired me from the moment I set eyes on it. Continue reading

Mulching (and a Syrup Update)

I couldn’t help myself today. Temperatures dropped back below freezing, but I just had to do some work in the garden. Last year we had immense trouble with weeds coming up in the walkways between our raised beds. Once we put up our rabbit fence, it became impossible to mow in the garden. This year, we’ve decided to mulch around the beds to keep the weeds at bay. Continue reading