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Wild-Caught Escargot

***Warning – Some pictures and descriptions may be a bit graphic***

Over the last few weeks, I have successfully collected, prepared, and eaten my own escargots. Here in Southern California, we have an invasive snail known as the Milk Snail, genus Otala, imported from the Mediterranean. Since the climate here is very similar to Spain and North Africa, they took off and have been doing massive damage to agriculture. They are also one of the species used for human consumption.

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Limpets: Revisited

I do not like to buy seafood, when it is so readily available and I’ve already paid an arm and a leg for a California fishing license. To that end, a couple posts ago, I talked about my first experiment cooking and eating limpets. I found out that the limpets were too chewy to cook whole. This time, I tried a different recipe that has worked well for whelks in the past. Continue reading

Culinary Experiment: Limpets

Last week, I wrote about the different animals I found in the tide pools of California. In that post, I introduced the limpet, a flat snail-like animal that lives on the rocks. Today, I found a lot of limpets on a jetty and decided to try my hand at cooking them. Continue reading