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Gardening Party!

I’m sorry for not posting recently, a lot of craziness has come up and I’ve had to put my blogging on hold. Today, we had a gardening party and potluck at our house. Ace and I, as well as our neighbor and our landlady got a ton of gardening done! Continue reading

Cabbage, Chives, and Broccoli

I know it’s a bit early in the season, but the weather has been so mild that I went ahead and planted out my broccoli and cabbage plants today, and plan to plant my kale tomorrow. This also means that two of my four raised beds are fully planted! Continue reading

Hardening Off My Cole Crops

We’ve had a bit of mild weather, and my grow box is getting a bit full, so I’ve started hardening off my cole crops so that I can plant them out in a week or two. If I were to plant them out without hardening them first, they could be shocked by moving them from a luxurious warm grow box to a windy, cold, and harsh outdoor environment. Continue reading