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Update: Maple Syrup and Bread

Today was a beautiful day! The sun was out, and the weather was warm. This morning, Ace and I had waffles with the first homemade maple syrup. I started boiling more sap in the morning, around nine a.m. and baked what is likely the nicest loaf of bread I’ve baked so far… Continue reading

First Time Ever: Making Maple Syrup!

Today has been an exciting day! I finally made my first maple syrup, after I realized I was running out of space to store sap. All of the trees are moving sap at an incredible rate, now that daytime temperatures are rising. The point is, I hadn’t realized how much sap we were going to get (I don’t think any of us did), so we didn’t have quite enough place to store the 3-4 gallons I’m getting a day. Continue reading

Mulching (and a Syrup Update)

I couldn’t help myself today. Temperatures dropped back below freezing, but I just had to do some work in the garden. Last year we had immense trouble with weeds coming up in the walkways between our raised beds. Once we put up our rabbit fence, it became impossible to mow in the garden. This year, we’ve decided to mulch around the beds to keep the weeds at bay. Continue reading

Tapping My Maples

So after two posts on maple spiles, I’m finally getting to the point: tapping my maple trees! We have about a dozen maples in out yard, but I’m only tapping four today, with my neighbor tapping two more on Wednesday. I was worried that it might take a lot of work, but I actually finished very quickly, and the sap is flowing faster than I had imagined! Continue reading

Making Maple Spiles (Part 2)

This morning, I posted how I made maple spiles out of electrical conduit. Now, I would like to show you an easier, cheaper way. Traditional spiles can be made out of any wood with a pith, so I made a couple of spiles out of boxelder. Ironically, boxelder is one of the species of maple that can be tapped for syrup as well, although I am only tapping sugar maple this year. You could also use sumac or elder. Continue reading