Planting Beets: Lots of Seeds, Little Space

Yesterday, I planted my beet seeds in the garden. I’ve dedicated about twelve square feet to them, and was amazed when I realized just how many beets can grow in such a small area.

5-Beet Seeds

Beet seeds are quite large, but only because they are not seeds in the strictest sense of the word. They are actually entire fruits, each complete with several seeds. When they sprout, it is important to thin them so only one plant remains where each seed was planted, otherwise they will crowd each other. The thinnings make good salad greens.

After removing any rocks, I marked off the area of the bed with a string, and used a ruler and guide stick to space my rows.

3-Spacing Beets

I placed a seed every four inches. That’s 11 seeds per row.

4-Measuring Tape

Once I planted a row, I moved the guide over four inches and planted more seeds. In my bed, that made eight rows of beets.

6-88 Seeds

Doing the math, that comes out to 88 beet seeds in the ground. I don’t know if the season here is long enough to do two crops, but if it is I will potentially grow 176 beets this year. Anyone from around VT have experience with beets?


The Scilla is in full bloom now, and it covers the front yard. Apparently it has naturalized there, and the land lady does not have to do any work to maintain it.


The driftwood has finally been placed! I could finally see where all of the bulbs were poking up (It’s a shady spot so stuff takes a bit longer to grow), so Ace and I lugged it into place. I plan on planting it with morning glories or nasturtium. I have seeds for both, but haven’t made up my mind as to where to plant them.

~The Homesteading Hippy

7 thoughts on “Planting Beets: Lots of Seeds, Little Space

  1. sknicholls

    Two seeds I soak before planting are beets and spinach…don’t really know why, but my uncle told me to do that so i do and it works. i love your use of space here!

  2. The Homesteading Hippy Post author

    I have heard of people doing soaking them before planting, and others who say soaking the ground after planting works just as well. I always soak morning glory seeds overnight myself.
    ~The Homesteading Hippy


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