Carry Me Back to Old Virginia

The title is from the folk song “My Clinch Mountain Home” which describes how hard it is to leave Virginia permanently. Luckily, I have many reasons to come back to visit often.

Last week I went back to visit my family in central Virginia, where I spent most of my childhood. It was nice to see everyone again, and I got a little time to relax and take a break from work. Now that I’m back in Arizona, I’d like to share the few pictures I took while I was gone.

Above is an old-looking chimney behind my parents house. I’m fairly certain that this one is recently built, but the woods of Virginia have many ruins of small houses, and it’s not uncommon to find old walls or fireplaces that look like this one. Obviously, the fire ring is made of cinder block and was added later.

9-HollyThis year has been great for the holly bushes, apparently, and they were completely covered in berries. I just love the contrast of red and deep, glossy green. One of the things I have missed in Arizona is the deep green color of the leaves.


There is another plant that grows in my parent’s yard that I have been unable to identify. It has holly-like leaves, but they seem to be compound, and there are flower spikes at the end of each stalk. Any clue what this is?

6-PlantIf you know, please post in the comments…


2-SnowbellsThere are snowbells in several areas of the yard, which the bees will visit on warmer days. It was cold while I was there (even had a bit of snow), so I didn’t get a chance to see the bees fly this time.

1-HawkI also got this picture of a hawk sitting on the power lines. He was very shy, and kept flying away a bit further every time I lined up the camera for a shot. I’ll have to pull out a field guide to ID this one, since I’m rubbish with birds.

~The Homesteading Hippy


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