We saw our first bobcat lat night! I was on my way to water a friend’s plants when we noticed a large cat walking through one of the yards. It didn’t take long to tell that it was a bobcat! It looked at us and kept on walking, and really didn’t care that we were there. Eventually he walked into the bushes and disappeared from view.

Watching Reduce(Click to see larger view)

Bobcats (Lynx rufus) are found throughout North America, and eat primarily rabbits and hares, as well as pest rodents like packrats and ground squirrels. They will, however, eat chickens and small pets, so a lot of people worry about having them around. The easiest solution is to make sure that all animals are securely inside (or in a coop/barn) before nightfall.

On our way home, we found him lying on the ground near the path, and were surprised to find that we could walk right up to it to take pictures. We were only ten feet away when I took these photos!

~The Homesteading Hippy

3 thoughts on “Bobcat!

  1. Dave Benson

    That’s a pretty mellow bobcat. They’re usually pretty secretive- our only look at one was back in our woods. We- and it- froze in place for a while, and when we started forward again, it slunk into the alders bordering our marsh. We snowshoe almost daily in winter and have found their tracks most years.

    1. The Homesteading Hippy Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Dave. Yes, he seemed very relaxed. He does live in a subdivision, so he might be very used to people. I also find that avoiding eye contact and talking calmly to the animal helps relax wild animals, since a predator would never announce its presence by making sounds.
      ~The Homesteading Hippy

  2. Dave Benson

    We’re not worried by the presence of either bobcats or bears (our game camera captured a black bear yesterday morning.) It’s kind of fun to be nonchalant about it with city folk and watch their eyes widen in alarm. The critters live here too, and we’re thankful for that.


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