Gardening Party!

I’m sorry for not posting recently, a lot of craziness has come up and I’ve had to put my blogging on hold. Today, we had a gardening party and potluck at our house. Ace and I, as well as our neighbor and our landlady got a ton of gardening done!

1-Planting Kale

We had a bunch of extra kale plants, especially Red Russian, which we put along our sidewalk. They’ve had a couple of rough days in the sun, but they perked up as soon as they were watered.

2-Filling a box

We found this box in our barn last year, and have used it for greens. Here’s my neighbor filling the box with fresh soil, so we can have happy plants!

4-Box of Greens

And here are the greens. These were extras that were given to us, but we know for sure that there’s arugula in the mix.


Our onions have gone crazy in the last few days. All but one have sprouted, which is better than I could have hoped. Today, we planted seeds for bush beans, pumpkin, squash, and zucchini.

6-Watering Can

Some of our plants are out of reach of the hose, so we have to use a can for these. This is our wonderful landlady, who has kindly allowed us to garden in her yard.


The potatoes have been planted in the tires as planned. I placed three seed potatoes in each tire, and covered them with soil after I took this picture. Potatoes can tolerate a frost, although they will die down to the ground.


Lastly, we put up our rabbit fence. We don’t have deer problems, so we just use a low fence that we can hop over to work in the garden. After the gardening, we all had a wonderful dinner at the picnic table.

~The Homesteading Hippy

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