Onions in the Garden

Just a short post today. I planted my onion sets today, both red and yellow varieties. I planted 63 sets in my root vegetable bed before running out of space, and I put another twenty or so as a border around my tomato bed.

Onion sets are small bulbs, started last year from seeds. If you want to grow onions from seed regularly, a good strategy is to plant a patch of seeds late each season and grow them to about this size. If they get any larger, the onion plants will bolt next year and you won’t get  good bulbs. Once the sets are the right size, lift them, and store them in a dark, cool place until next spring. 4-Onion Sets

During spring, plant the sets at 4-6 inch spacing depending on the size and number of onions you want (you can fit more in your bed at 4 inches, but the bulbs will be bigger at 6 inches. Apparently, spacing more than six inches won’t make the bulbs any larger.

5-Spacing Onions

I spaced my sets at 5 inches. Poke a hole 2 inches deep into well-worked soil, and put the sets in pointy side up. then cover the holes and water them in. In this bed, I planted two rows of reds and 7 rows of yellows. I like the flavor of red onions, but in my experience yellow onions keep better. I see fermented onions in my future, and maybe French onion soup…

~The Homesteading Hippy

2 thoughts on “Onions in the Garden

  1. Anna Bender

    I planted mine about 3 inches apart but I plan on thinning them for green onions along the way.
    btw, I like reading your posts because you don’t act like you know it all.

    1. The Homesteading Hippy Post author

      Thank you. You can also get onion greens without losing the bulbs, apparently. I’ve never tried it, but they say cutting the greens back once or twice doesn’t hurt bulb production much.
      ~The Homesteading Hippy


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