Regrowing Celery, Saving Money!

I don’t know if I’m unusual about this, but I rarely use celery unless I’m making soup or stew. When I do, I need to buy a bag of celery, use two sticks, and promise myself to find a use for the rest. Then I forget, and have to compost the rest two weeks later…

Now, I’ve stumbled upon a solution: Saving the base of the celery, and regrowing it. Then, you can just cut the stalks you need and don’t have to buy any more. Last week, Ace and I roasted a turkey, so now it was time for turkey soup. Off I went to the grocery store to buy celery, and then I remembered this article. I did a bit more research and found this article as well, by someone who had tried the same method.

1-In Bag

So, I decided to give it a shot. First, I cut the stalks off the base. This is the last time I’ll have to remember to use them (Feel free to give me recipes!).


I rinsed the base, and put it in a bowl of water. This then went by the window where it gets lots of light. I figure I’ll move it into the grow box when it gets potted later.

3-Celery in Water

If I understand correctly, the outer stalks will break down, but the center will put out new growth. Once it’s growing well, I’ll pot it in soil and have fresh celery forever!

My seedlings have come a long way since my last update!

4-Grow Box

The kale, especially, is doing very well. This might be because kale is naturally indestructible, or because my other seeds were all left over from last year, while I bought the kale last week.

5-Chives Sprout

The chives are coming up! I apologize for the horrible photo, but I wanted to show you how they emerge in loops. They don’t straighten out until later.


Shoots are popping up in the wildflower pots as well!

I’ve got the garden mulched now, all the way around. This way, our mowers don’t have to navigate the rabbit fence that we’ll put up soon.

8-Finished Mulching

In a week or so, I’ll direct-sow my first cold-tolerant seeds (beets, carrots, etc.)

~The Homesteading Hippy

9 thoughts on “Regrowing Celery, Saving Money!

  1. Oldschool

    When I do, I need to buy a bag of celery, use two sticks, and promise myself to find a use for the rest. Then I forget, and have to compost the rest two weeks later

    Dehydrate what you have left. I make a point of purchasing it when on sale then dehydrating it for later use. You no longer have any waste. You can also powder it to use as a salt substitute.

      1. Dusty

        Blanch it, slice it into square-ish chunks, and then dry in a food dehydrator. Can rehydrate in soup or whatever next time you need it. I’m the same way, about the only time I ever use celery is for soup and I never need a whole bundle.

        1. Oldschool

          I don’t know what stores are near you to suggest where to buy one. It you decide to yard sales are a great way to start. I have my fav but you can get away with one for $20.00 just to see if you like it.

    1. The Homesteading Hippy Post author

      Thank you for the great idea! I had forgotten all about stir fry. I went through a stir-fry kick about a year ago, but haven’t done it much recently. I’ll try this.
      ~The Homesteading Hippy

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