First Flowers!

Spring is in the air! I walked around the garden today. The birds are singing, and plants are starting their first real growth of the year!


I planted a ton of bulbs last fall, and this is the first growth of one of my Muscari (grape hyacinth). They are coming up everywhere, and later in the year they will be covered with little blue flowers.


Here we have Celandine, a naturalized plant from Europe, and invasive in some areas. It has some cool properties, however. Firstly, the sap is neon orange. If you bruise the stems or leaves of these plants, they ooze a sap that really does look like it’s glowing. It also has some medicinal uses, especially as an analgesic. It is toxic in moderate doses, however, so I haven’t tried it.

Celandine Close-up

I love the color of these leaves…..

Lilac Buds

The lilacs are getting ready to open their first leaf buds. Here you can see one that is about to burst!


I did save the best for last, though. These beautiful flowers popped up all over the front lawn. I’m not sure, but I think they’re Scilla siberica, which is often planted on lawns because it is low-growing.

~The Homesteading Hippy

2 thoughts on “First Flowers!

  1. Dave Benson

    Nice to see your flowers out! Nothing blooming here yet, although we’re seeing growth with the ornamental bulbs. Getting impatient for warmer weather here- I’m looking forward to new-growth Winter Cress and then… Fiddleheads!


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