At Last! I’ve found Spring!

I ended my last post with a quote. Now, I’d like to begin this post with another. This is from the Tao Te Ching, and brings together my thoughts of springtime and tranquility.

“Attain the ultimate emptiness
Hold on to the truest tranquility
The myriad things are all active
I therefore watch their return

Everything flourishes; each returns to its root
Returning to the root is called tranquility
Tranquility is called returning to one’s nature
Returning to one’s nature is called constancy
Knowing constancy is called clarity

Not knowing constancy, one recklessly causes trouble
Knowing constancy is acceptance
Acceptance is impartiality
Impartiality is sovereign
Sovereign is Heaven
Heaven is Tao
Tao is eternal
The self is no more, without danger” (Tao Te Ching: Annotated & Explained)

1-Ostrich FernI, too have been watching for the return of the myriad things, and today I found them. This first picture shows the first fiddleheads of an Ostrich Fern I planted last year. These are the edible fiddleheads that fetch such a high price in organic markets in springtime.



Our Columbine is coming up as well. Only two leaves so far, but a solid start.


This is Hellebore, or Lenten Rose. I have no experience with this plant, but I put one into the garden last summer and it looks like it’s beginning to grow again!


In an attempt to hold a dune together, we planted it with ornamental Thyme. We wore worried that it wouldn’t survive the harsh lake-side winter, but it looks like it’s coming back nicely.



I also planted Narcissus, Muscari, and Crocus bulbs in the dune. Here they are, peeking out now that we’ve had a few warmer days!

But what really drove home that winter is over was the fact that I found frogs. I love frogs, I have always loved frogs. I probably saw a dozen or more today sunning themselves.

8-Leopard Frog

This is a Northern Leopard Frog. You can tell because of the light rings around its spots. Most of the frogs I saw today were leopard frogs.


I also found this beautiful girl Bullfrog. This is our largest frog species, and I don’t see very many of them around here.

I am so happy! Tranquil, but happy.

~The Homesteading Hippy

4 thoughts on “At Last! I’ve found Spring!

    1. The Homesteading Hippy Post author

      I know it’s a girl because of the size of the eardrum (the circle behind the eye) is the same as that of the eye. If it were male, the eardrum would be about twice the size of the eye.
      ~The Homesteading Hippy


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