Update: Maple Syrup and Bread

Today was a beautiful day! The sun was out, and the weather was warm. This morning, Ace and I had waffles with the first homemade maple syrup. I started boiling more sap in the morning, around nine a.m. and baked what is likely the nicest loaf of bread I’ve baked so far…

Laurie, my neighbor, and I boiled sap again today. I had two pots going on my stove-top, and Laurie had a pot in her apartment.

1-Two Pots

We also boiled outside again today. Laurie had a propane burner, that we connected that to my grill gas tank. Maybe in the future, I’ll have the foresight to dry firewood in the barn before boiling.

2-Laurie with Coffee

By the evening, we had finished the large Rubbermaid container of sap we’d stored. The last batch of syrup was a bit thin, so we boiled a bit longer today, to about 220 degrees Fahrenheit. In the end, I got three pints of syrup out of the two pots that I boiled in my kitchen. I’ll find out tomorrow how much Laurie’s two pots produced.

5-Three Pints

On another note, I tried stenciling bread for the first time today, and the resulting loaf was gorgeous! It is a yeast bread with one part whole-wheat to four parts all-purpose flower. I glazed it with an egg wash, and stenciled with flour. I’m particularly fond of the way the scoring turned out.

3-Bread Loaf

In the future, I’ll make the stencil a bit larger, and spray some water on the flour after stenciling to help it stick. Nonetheless, this is one fine loaf of bread.

The stencil, by the way, is a monogram of my initials in Saxon runes, “DMD”, or Rune-Dæg.pngRune-Mann.pngRune-Dæg.png.

~The Homesteading Hippy


4 thoughts on “Update: Maple Syrup and Bread

  1. astergios

    That bread is absolutely gorgeous … almost too pretty to eat! I’ve always wanted to make bread (I have a particular fondness for sourdough) but haven’t gotten up the courage yet.

  2. The Homesteading Hippy Post author

    Thank you! You should definitely give it a try, it’s not as hard as it looks. I would start with yeast bread rather than sourdough, however, because yeast is a bit easier to work with.
    ~The Homesteading Hippy

  3. calrose42

    Indeed, I wish I could bake something like that right in my kitchen. Ever thought to feed your yeast with a little of your home made maple syrup, for your breads? People use honey, why not maple syrup?

    1. The Homesteading Hippy Post author

      I’ve thought of it, but I use so little sugar in my bread (sometimes I leave it out altogether) that I don’t know if I would taste it. I’ve been thinking of making a sweet bread for Easter morning using the syrup, though. As for baking bread in your own kitchen, practice makes all the difference. Most of my loaves still turn out odd and lumpy. For example, I made a pizza last night, but the crust was an inch thick because I forgot to factor oven spring! I might put pictures of it up soon.
      ~The Homesteading Hippy


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