Three Gallons of Sap

Yesterday, a day after tapping the maple trees, I went back to check on them. I had no idea that a tree could produce so much sap! All in all, I got about three gallons worth in the first day. That’s just over a cup of  syrup once it’s boiled!

1-Half Bucket

Not all trees flow equally, it seems. This bucket produced very little sap compared to the others.

On the other hand:

2-Full Bucket

The other three buckets were overflowing. Once I gathered all four of them, I realized how much I had already collected.

3-Three Gallons

Once I strained them into my storage tank, I could measure that I had collected 11 liters, or just under three gallons.


I now know that I have to empty the buckets more often. The other thing I learned is that my plastic bag covers flew off in the wind last night. I put  them back, but attached them a little more securely.

That’s all for now, folks. I’ll post more later!

~The Homesteading Hippy

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