A look at the Garden

It’s been getting warmer, so I went out to the garden with the intention of mulching the walkways between the raised beds. Turns out my mulch pile was still frozen solid, so I didn’t get to do any work, but I did take some pictures to show you!

Tomato Patch

This is the bed we grew our tomatoes in last year. For the winter, I’m keeping my potted perennials here. I’ve started dumping some good soil to turn into the bed once the ground thaws.

Raised Beds

These are our four raised beds, that we used to grow all sorts of veggies. By far the most productive was our kale, but we also grew green beans, arugula, squash, cucumbers, broccoli, and herbs. The small box is used for baby greens.

Fire Pit

We built a fire pit late last summer, which we only used once before the weather drove us inside. I hope to use it a lot come warmer weather! You can see the bog by the raised beds. This is because the ground is still froze, so the water can’t percolate until it thaws. During the summer, water never built up here. My plan was to lay out a spare roll of tarpaper that I found in the barn around the beds, and mulch over it with wood chips. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t quite ready to let me work.

Compost Bin

Lastly, this is our compost bin. We have a small container inside to collect our compostables, and we empty it here when it fills up. This one bin holds the waste from me, my girlfriend, and the tenant of another apartment in our house, and it breaks down fast enough that we have never emptied it. I think the squirrels and raccoons have something to do with this as well.

I just wanted to give you this view of our garden. I cannot wait to get to work this spring!

~The Homesteading Hippy

4 thoughts on “A look at the Garden

  1. Megan

    Hey! I love this blog. Once the weather warms up, could you write a post about composting? I’d love to learn more about that.
    Thanks for such an awesome blog!

    1. durieudm Post author

      Sure! It might be a month or so before the weather becomes warm enough to turn the compost, but I will definitely post about it when I do.
      Thanks for the very first post on this blog!
      ~The Homesteading Hippy

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